Instant Shotski

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Instant Shotski?

Instant Shotski came to be after 2 bums - one skier, one snowboarder - got tired of trying to wash a homemade shot ski under the sink. Because the glasses were glued onto the ski, getting the entire thing under the sink was a pain and they ended up dumping water all over the place. Not to mention, the glasses were always breaking off and the glue totally ruined the ski.

Instant Shotski brackets are the answer to that problem. The ski bums put their heads together and designed a bracket that would stick quickly and easily to any ski and let them remove the shot glasses after every use for easy cleaning. No gluing, no drilling, no mess. Sweet.

Wait... What is a shot ski?

Will my shot glasses fit in the Instant Shotski brackets?

Can I use Instant Shotski with my snowboard? A hockey stick?

Are those screw holes in the brackets?

What’s your return policy?