Instant Shotski

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Instant Shotski?

Instant Shotski came to be after 2 bums - one skier, one snowboarder - got tired of trying to wash a homemade shot ski under the sink. Because the glasses were glued onto the ski, getting the entire thing under the sink was a pain and they ended up dumping water all over the place. Not to mention, the glasses were always breaking off and the glue totally ruined the ski.

Instant Shotski brackets are the answer to that problem. The ski bums put their heads together and designed a bracket that would stick quickly and easily to any ski and let them remove the shot glasses after every use for easy cleaning. No gluing, no drilling, no mess. Sweet.

Wait... What is a shot ski?

Oh. Sorry about that. A shot ski is a regular ski - usually from an old pair that doesn’t get much use anymore - with shot glasses attached to it. This lets a group of friends belly up to the bar and take a synchronized shot. Tough to explain, but it’s a fun way to apres.

How do I install it on my ski?

It’s super easy and takes under a minute. Just peel the backing off of each bracket and stick them to your ski. Better yet, check out a video of how it works.

Will my shot glasses fit in the Instant Shotski brackets?

Absolutely - unless you have weird sized glasses. Instant Shotski was designed to fit as many traditional-sized shot glasses as possible. For real, we ordered a TON of shot glasses to test. Only a few haven’t worked great, and they’re the tall skinny version or anything decorative that might look more fitting in a display case than behind a bar. When in doubt, go with a 2oz shot glass or just check out our favorite shot glasses.

Can I use Instant Shotski with my snowboard? A waterski?

YES. Instant Shotski works with anything. Any ski, any snowboard... we’ve even stuck them on a chairlift bar for the ride up.

I don’t have a spare ski. Can I still make a shot ski?

Sure! We’ve had friends go do a hardware store and pick up a 2x4, hook it up with Instant Shotski brackets and finish it off with a few stickers. It actually looked pretty sweet.

My shot glasses are wiggling or falling out of the brackets. What should I do?

For best results, push the shot glasses into the brackets and turn the glass as you do. That way they’ll really lock in there until you’re done.

It’s really tough to pull the shot glasses out of the brackets. What should I do?

Just turn the shot glasses as you pull them out and they’ll slide out like a champ. If you’re really stuck (like after a night of sitting on the bar), wet them down with a bit of water.

Some black gummy stuff came off on one of my shot glasses. What should I do?

Ahh... did you leave the shot glasses in overnight? It’s ok, we’ve done that too. Run the shot glass under hot water for about 30 seconds and give them a scrub with a sponge. Good as new, right?

I want a permanent shot ski. Are those screw holes in the brackets?

Good eye. Yep, those are screw holes. Most people like using our ultra-strong adhesive to build shot skis quickly, but you can also attach the brackets with screws. Using the bracket as a guide, drill small holes into your ski and finish them off with a screw of your choice. Where’s that bracket going? Nowhere!

Can I put Instant Shotski brackets on the skis I actually ski with?

You sure can. Miley rides with his all the time and it makes for a great apres ski party. People in lift lines will be your best friend. We’ve had good luck with the adhesive sticking even in tough conditions. Just remember not to stomp your boot down on a bracket while you’re clicking out of your bindings.

Does the Instant Shotski Kit come with shot glasses?

Nope. We wanted to keep the kit affordable and compact, so we didn't include shot glasses. The good news is, the brackets fit most standard shot glasses you might have around the house or bar.

I work at a bar. How can Instant Shotski help me?

You probably already know this, but shot skis are big money for bars. Grab an Instant Shotski kit, mount it on a ski behind the bar, and you’ll be selling shots like crazy. Hit us up at for tips.

I want to buy a bunch. Do you do wholesale discounts?

Awesome! We offer a deal called the Posse Pack which will get you a 10th kit free if you buy 9. If you're looking for a bigger order (50+ kits), email us at for pricing.

What’s your return policy?

If a kit doesn't work out for you, we're happy to take it back within 60 days of your purchase. To return an Instant Shotski kit, email us at Once we ok the return, we'll provide you with some details and you just need to ship back the unused kit. When we receive the kit and confirm it is not damaged or used, we’ll refund the purchase price to your original method of payment. Refunds do not include shipping cost. If we don't receive the kit within 60 days, we won't be able to process the refund.

I have another question. What should I do?

Email us anytime at